African Masks

Perhaps the most captivating artwork from Africa is the wide assortment of African tribal masks. These masks were traditionally used for spiritual and religious rituals. During ceremonial dances, these African masks symbolically turned their wearer into a spirit. In many African cultures, social events like weddings, initiation rites, and funerals placed great importance on the wearing of masks and the invocation of the spirits associated with them. In the firelight of these magical ceremonies, these masks must have enthralled their audiences. Our African masks for sale are finely carved and invoke the spiritual power that has captivated tribes for thousands of years. Our selection of African tribal masks spans the continent and features a variety of mask types that continue to cast their spells today. In more recent times, these African masks found admirers in other parts of the world where they helped to inspire cubism, expressionism, and fauvism. Find African masks for sale that awe, intrigue, and inspire at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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