Guatemalan Textiles

With a rich cultural identity extending back to the Mayan civilization, Guatemalan textiles are still prized for their unequaled color, quality, and design features. Although many Guatemalans still wear their huipils, cortes, fajas, and cintas, the practice of making these historic garments is quickly disappearing. Our Guatemalan textiles for sale allow you to own one of these treasured fashion items. Some of the iconic pieces of South American art, these garments provide a colorful dress that’s suited to the need for either the warmth or the coolness that the wearers need. If you’re looking for Guatemalan textiles for sale, we have beautiful fabrics and designs that reflect the traditional artistic clothing of this rich land.
Guatemalan textiles can be used as clothing, carpets, table cloths, or even put on display as works of visual art. Own one of the great expressions of South American art when you purchase one of our Guatemalan fabrics from Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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