Among the treasures of Asian art are the works of Turkmenistan jewelry. Turkoman jewelry is the work of nomadic tribes, crossing the Central Asian wastelands. Continually moving to allow their animals to graze, the Turkomen have never taken to developing cities or settled communities, but their art is nevertheless beautiful and rich in history. Our selection of Turkoman jewelry offers insight into their beliefs and wandering way of life. The life of the Turkoman has been one of hardship for many centuries, especially for the women. Females are held in high regard as the healers and the overseers of birth and death. Women wear elaborate jewelry to provide fertility and protection from evil spirits.

Turkoman jewelry was believed to have magic powers, giving their wearers courage, strength, protection, health, and good fortune. Today, we consider the pieces to be excellent examples of Asian art, but Turkmenistan art still provides mystery and power today. Visit Spectrum Art Gallery LLC, and immerse yourself in the antique and vintage styles of the beautiful Turkomen jewelry masterpieces, wonderful to wear, collect, or display.

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