Chinese Arts

The Minority tribes of China, like the Miao and Naxi created a distinct art and culture that is prized among collectors. Our selection of Chinese art includes Chinese tunics, aprons, and ornate Chinese baby carrier panels. Many of our Chinese art pieces were created before the 1970s, and reflect ancient customs and practices that are fading in response to new technologies and a faster way of life. The Chinese art items are a link to earlier times. Our Chinese tunics, aprons, and jackets are fine examples of the craftsmanship and intricacy of Chinese art. Although these crafts were designed to be worn and used in everyday life, these items make excellent display pieces. By showing us a glimpse of traditional Chinese culture, we understand both the Chinese cultures of the past and ourselves more clearly. So whether you’re interested in a Chinese tunic, an embroidered minority panel, or the beautiful detailing of a Chinese baby carrier, our selection of Chinese art will have the perfect artwork for you at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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