Native American and Northwest Coast Art

The Navajo (Dine), Zuni, Hopi, and other Native American cultures produced an astonishing array of folk art and cultural items. The native tribes of the Pacific produced Northwest Coast art of great renown in Canada and the United States. This Pacific Northwest Indian art is still championed for its unique and stirring pieces inspired by the cloud forests and the sea. Our selection of Native American artwork spanning the breadth of the continent features powerful pieces that evoke awe, contemplation, and appreciation for these ancient cultures. Pacific Northwest Indian art is a favorite style among art enthusiasts and museum curators alike. Our spirit figures and animal carvings give an insight into not only the cultures of the Pacific Northwest, but what it means to be alive and human. We also carry jewelry from the Navajo people, farther inland but no less intriguing today. Find Native American artwork from around the North American continent, including Navajo and Northwest Coast art, at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC, today.

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