Eastern Europe

Long before the Iron Curtain descended or the integration of the European community, Eastern Europe provided many of the world’s most fascinating artworks. These European folk art designs reflect the conquering of one tribe by another, the rich histories of inter-connected cultures, and the uplifting spiritual qualities of religion. The long sequence of rulers and empires that rose to power and then fell from grace creates a sweeping backdrop for these European folk art treasures.

From the Hapsburg monarchy to the influence of Marc Chagall, Eastern European folk art is tied to its architecture and iconographic religious imagery. Recognized as “eastern” European folk art only because of the Communist Bloc separation after the Second World War, the political lines did not stop the influence of European folk art from the East to the West and vice versa. The cultural overlaps only add to the clothing, jewelry, and sculpture in our selection of Eastern European folk art designs. Find pieces that recall your family heritage, or that speak to you personally at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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