African Beads and Beadwork

African beads are used in a wide variety of artistic applications. They can be worn as adornments, traded or sold for money or goods, or as artistic statements. Beads are also applied to Namji dolls, ritual figures designed to protect and assist their owners. A Namji doll was used as a protective fetish figure, capable of magic, or as a fertility figure for young women. These figures originated in the Cameroons and stand around a foot tall. Made from natural items such as shells, beads, and seed pods, Namji dolls are a beautiful connection to a much earlier time. We also carry antique and contemporary beads from Ghana, Zululand, and other countries across the African continent. African beads have been used as jewelry, ritual items, and simple fashion statements. Our selection of beadwork, Namji dolls, and more can provide great gifts for family and friends, especially for those who have ties to where these items were first crafted. Find your Namji doll or African bead work at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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