European art is as varied and rich in historical tradition as the many peoples and countries the continent contains. We offer a wide variety of European artworks from both Eastern and Western European peoples. Our selection of European folk art reflects the deep history and cultures from across a number of countries. If you’re looking for jewelry, ritual items, or ceremonial art, we have the pieces of artwork you crave. The range of different philosophies, languages, and political systems has long influenced the cultural makeup of Europe; and our wide selection of European art demonstrates its diversity. Our European jewelry includes items like the Middle-East-inspired Italian Khamsa. These distinctive items echo not only the grandeur of European jewelry, but the influence of trade and cultural interchange between tribes, states, and empires. Find European artwork that symbolizes your cultural heritage, or choose evocative folk art for its aesthetic beauty. Find the European art that speaks to you at Spectrum Art Gallery LLC.

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